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11 July 2009 @ 11:43 pm
WHOOT!!!!  Drabble number 13!!!!!  XDDDDD

Gah…  Just realized I really didn’t touch on the prompt that well…  :/

Well…  Guess we could say it’s Minagawa-kun at or near the end.  XP  Sorry! ^^;

Characters: MinagawaXRini (CF‘s OC)- Main; mentions of others
Prompt: http://messa.deviantart.com/art/H-ELP-M-E-32377937
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Death, blood, spirity-thingies, etc.
Fandom: Café Kichijouji De


Minagawa opened his eyes slightly, seeing the ceiling and the edge of the dresser.  The next thing he noticed was horrible his head was hurting.  With a soft groan, he slowly sat up, a hand at the back of his head rubbing it as he attempted to recollect exactly what had happened.

He had been working on conducting a spell of some sort, when something pushed him back and made him hit his head against the dresser.  Rini was…  Rini was helping him conduct the spell…  Eyes widened, he rushed up the best he could without getting dizzy.  He grabbed onto the dresser while up and looked at his surroundings.  Everything was a mess, everything torn and destroyed.  But Rini was no where to be found.

Just as soon as he knew he could walk, he made his way toward the door.  “Rini?” he said, just loud enough for her to hear, if she was in the area.  “Rini?”


Minagawa turned around.  To his relief, he saw Rini standing there.  “Rini…”  He walked toward her, face becoming serious.  “Are you okay?”

Rini nodded her head.

She was okay.  But still, Minagawa kept an eye on her.  He was unsure of exactly what had gone wrong and was unsure of what effects would be taken.  She seemed okay.  She seemed a little out of it at times, however.  She’d started liking the blood away from her cuts and would sometimes cut herself on purpose, just to like away the blood…  But then again, Minagawa would do that to sometimes.  Just a habit she must have picked up from him, he supposed.

A few weeks went by.  Maki went on vacation.  Then Taro went on vacation.  It was just him, Jun, and Tokumi for a while.  For a very long while, that is.  Longer than a Café staff member should have been, anyway.  Then, it was only a matter of time before Tokumi went on vacation.

After a conversation with Jun, the two had concluded that this ‘vacation’ was code for ‘getting fired’…  Which was very strange in the case of Taro, the Café’s hardest worker.

One night, Rini and Minagawa took a stroll in the woods.  There was silence, but not the type that he was used to.  Not the type that would normally accompany them on a walk.  For once, it was actually starting to bother Minagawa.

“You‘re brother,” he began, in an effort to make conversation.  “Has he gotten back from vacation yet?”

Rini shook her head.  “Don‘t worry about him,” she said, somewhat, coldly.

Minagawa nodded, sensing…  something…  he wasn’t entirely sure what.

The two continued walking for a few more minutes.  “They‘ve really been working you hard in the café, haven‘t they, Sweety?” Rini finally said.

Minagawa looked down at Rini, subtly suspiciously.  “Sort of.  It‘s only the manager, Jun, and myself right now.  We‘re hiring, however, and some interviews will be in session.”

“Oh…” she said.

And that was all she said that night.

As the days passed on, Minagawa saw Rini a little less, much to his disappointment.  He saw Jun one more time, before he went on the trip he was promised to go on.

A few weeks later, it was just him.  Rini had managed to get a job at the café, so he at least had her…  Physically, that is.  She just didn’t seem to actually ‘be’ there like she was.

The manager had asked to see her one afternoon.  Oddly enough, Minagawa didn’t see her for the rest of the day.  Finally, when the new employees had gone home, he knocked on the office door.  One time…  Two times…  Then, finally, a third time, and the door opened to reveal a dark room.  Had the manager fallen asleep?

“Rini?” he asked softly, so as not to wake the manager.  He stepped into the room, the door slamming behind him.  He didn’t move.  The lights came on, revealing a dead Mr. Manager, sprawled across the desk.  Minagawa’s eyes widened.  He saw a trail of blood and visually followed it to-

“Rini…” the girl was standing behind the door, blood all over her, big, wide grin on her face.

“Rini, why?” he asked, alarmed.  “What happened did you do to the manager?”

“You‘re such a hard worker,” she said with a chuckle.  “You should take a break, my darling Hifumi…  You should take a vacation...”
☆ Rinia_lovesuicide on July 12th, 2009 04:52 am (UTC)
I loved it. Especially the part about the "vacations." XD
Jazz Baileyjazzbailey on July 12th, 2009 04:55 am (UTC)
The 'vacations' were my favorite parts to! XDDD

Narsko: Vacations sound nice. Taisa, we should take a vacation!
Possessed!Rini: *In super evil demonic voice* I'LL BE YOUR TRAVEL AGENT!!!!! I WILL GUIDE YOU TO YOUR DESTINATION!!!!
Narsko: That's very nice, isn't it, Taisa? ^____^
Taisa: O.o;;;.... <.<;;; .... >.>;;;.... --;;;;