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11 July 2009 @ 08:11 pm
I actually like this one…  XD

Characters: MinagawaXRini (CF‘s OC)
Prompt: http://messa.deviantart.com/art/Follow-73708727
Fandom: Café Kichijouji De
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Dark, death, mortal injuries


It was cold.  Bits of snow fell from the sky and unto the ground and unto Rini’s head with no trouble at all.  She pulled her jacket tighter, keeping all of the warm air in.  She remained quiet, not wanting to make a single peep, for she didn’t want to distract Minagawa, whatever he was doing.  She had grown increasingly concerned about him.

It started after the night he disappeared into the forest and didn’t return for three days.  He was so…  emotionless…  quiet…  dead…  He had been acting…  well…  that is what it seemed like is that he had just been ‘acting’ himself upon his return.  His character had no life like it did.  He was there, but…  he wasn’t.

Minagawa wouldn’t talk to anyone about what had happened.  Not even Rini, and that had really been scaring her as he tells her everything.

Finally, she had found him walking toward the forest.  It was in the snow that she was following him, trying to keep quiet.  She didn’t know how long she had been following him.  She wouldn’t turn back, however.  She wanted answers, desperately needed answers.  She had to know what was wrong with her Hifumi.

She watched as he stood on, what looked like, a ledge.  He stood there for several minutes, looking down at something.  Rini stood, anticipating what it was, anticipating his next move as she stood by a tree just far enough to see what he was doing, but far enough to keep out of sight….  Or so she thought.

He turned around, acknowledging her existence with a smile…  But it was a strange smile…  a different smile…  One Rini had never seen before.  She just couldn’t imagine what it meant.  Rini watched as a something -a tear, it seemed- rolled down the side of his cheek.

Before anything could be said or done, Minagawa turned his head back to the area of ground below that he had been staring at and stepped off the ledge.

Rini reacted with a strong gasp, sucking in the cold air, her right hand unsure whether to grab her mouth or her chest.  Her eyes were widened, her body now shaking from fear and shock, rather than the mere cold.  She waited for a sound, a ‘thud’ of sorts.  She waited for about a minute, but never heard anything.

She began panting, struggling for air.  Her trembling worsened, but her curiosity got the best of her.  Slowly, ever so slowly she walked up to the end of the ledge, grasping onto a tree to keep from slipping off herself.  How he had managed to stand without slipping was beyond her.  

Taking a good grasp of the branch she was next to, she leaned over, looking down where Minagawa should have fallen.  There, below, was a frozen Minagawa, blood around him as if something had already tried to devour him.  Rini looked horrified at the scene, blood running cold, heart trying to stop, or so she thought.  Slowly, slowly she shook her head, stepped back and away from the edge so that she couldn’t see him.  She fell back, choking back sobs before she finally screamed out in anguish.

An autopsy reported later on that the man had been dead for about a week.  The theory was that he had slipped off the ledge and had broken his legs, only to be devoured by a local pack of wolves.

Another autopsy theorized that she jumped down towards him, which was what had broken her neck.


Was debating on whether or not to have Rini commit a dramatic suicide….  But then I got to thinking, that if it was a ‘surprise’…  I dunno.  *Shrug*  Could have been worded better, I guess.  XP
☆ Rinia_lovesuicide on July 12th, 2009 01:25 am (UTC)


I really like this one. I really really really love it, actually.