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Jazz Bailey
14 July 2009 @ 12:07 am
Meh…  Didn’t come out the way I had originally planned…  But I at least have many more ideas for Psycho!Minagawa drabbles!!!  XD

Characters: MinagawaXRini (mentioned) MakiXRini (One-sided)  As usual, Rini is CF’s character!  XD
Prompt: http://messa.deviantart.com/art/Room-136-33736179
Fandom: Café Kichijouji
Rating: PG-13 to R.
Warnings: A messed up murder (So obviously, there‘s death and blood), Psycho!Minagawa, more Maki abuse.


Love causes people to do crazy things.  The additional hint of jealousy is no help, either.  Nor, the fact that some people naturally have the tendency to act…  different…

As Minagawa would work in the kitchen he would occasionally look out of the door’s little window to see if Rini was there for the evening.  Once she was there, he would occasionally glance out, just to get a peek at her lovely face.  However, the scene wasn’t always so lovely.

Sometimes, he would see Maki trying to start up conversation with her, trying to tell her jokes, trying to give her free coffee and desserts.  Maki…  Maki knew what Minagawa was trying to do.  Maki was trying to interrupt this.  Maki was trying to take Rini for himself.  Maki was going to have to pay.

One evening, the two were left alone for cleaning duty.  Minagawa was in the kitchen washing dishes, when Maki came into the kitchen, getting the mop ready.

“So Rini was here today…”

“Yes, she was!” Maki said allowed, tone cheerful.

“…You sound very…  happy… about that…” Minagawa said.  After washing the soap off from the pan in his hand, he picked up a plate and began to wash the remnants away from that.

“Oh yeah!” Maki said with a wide smile, resulting in Minagawa freezing, plate in hand.  Maki resumed, “She‘s quite a catch, really.  A little different than the women I usually go for, but not too different.”

“Mmm…”  Minagawa finished cleaning the plate, then went on to clean a cup.  “You really seem to like her, don‘t you?”

“Yeah.  Of course I do!”  Maki chuckled.  “I think if I played my cards right, she would really come to like me to.”

Minagawa stopped everything, looking down, thinking, talking with the spirits within.

‘Kill him,’ they said.

‘Kill him’

‘Kill him’



Minagawa nodded.  Now he just had to wait.

Minutes passed by when Maki finally said aloud, “Hey, Minagawa!  Do you remember were the bleach is?”

Minagawa paused, the butcher knife in hand.  “I‘ll get it for you,” he said aloud, sneaking the blade under his belt, which was under his apron.

Maki watched as Minagawa walked toward the closet.  He sensed something was wrong, but didn’t think much of it.  Minagawa was a strange one anyway.

He leaned back against the counter, waiting for Minagawa’s return.  Minagawa finally came out of the closet, bucket full of bleach and floor cleanser, Maki assumed.  Maki held out his hand, waiting for the bucket.  Instead, Minagawa set it down on the ground less than a yard in front of him, mischievous smile on his face.

Maki snarled lightly, not making the expression obvious.  The guy just HAD to be inconvenient.  Minagawa stepped beside Maki.  Maki shook his head as he stepped forward and reached for the bucket, only to be forced back from the yank of his hair, a hand covering his mouth so he couldn‘t be heard.

He heard Minagawa chuckle behind him.  Maki tried to look behind him the best one could in his position.  He failed to see Minagawa, but knew it was him.  It was only a matter of time before he felt the cut of a blade through his cheek bone and watched it ride across his face, blood hitting the surface.

Groans and strained back yells were all held under Minagawa’s hand.  “It seems as if you‘ve picked the wrong card today,” Minagawa said.  He felt Maki tremble and continue his yelling.

He chuckled as he proceeded to shove the blonde man’s face into the bucket of bleach, holding his head down into the bucket as he listened to choking and muffled screams, watching the clear liquid become red, watching as the body slowly stopped moving.


Poor Maki…  I’m so mean to him…  :/  I feel kind of bad, but still…  Meh…  I’ll have to make a fic. Where he comes out on top!  XD
Jazz Bailey
14 July 2009 @ 11:10 pm
Characters: MinagawaXRini (CF‘s OC), Taro
Prompt: http://bezzalair.deviantart.com/art/Viren-s-Home-118457867
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Psycho!Minagawa; Angst, Blood, violence, death
Fandom: Café Kichijouji De

“STOP IT!!!  MINAGAWA, STOP IT!!!” Rini pleaded, nearly shaking the cage she had been locked in.  Her face was red and puffy, her eyes watery, as the voice that was doing all it could to save her brother’s life was trying to go out.

Taro looked up at her with a bloodied face, then back at Minagawa with a tired, angry expression.  Minagawa chuckled.  “He‘s an obstacle, my love.  Obstacles are to be dealt with.”  

Taro snarled at the man before getting his with the whip once more.  Taro was backed up as far as he could in that tiny, little cage; avoiding the whip was impossible.  Minagawa chuckled once more, before backing up.

The siblings looked at him, pondering his next move.  Minagawa looked at a switch to his right.  Taro watched in fear as Minagawa turned the switch down, Taro’s cage moving downwards as well into the flaming pit beneath him.

Taro stood the best he could, hoping to stay away from the heat beneath him.  He glared at Minagawa.  “You‘re insane!!!” he yelled to the man before him.  “You‘re insane!”  He fallen forward and was now balancing himself against the other side of the cage.

Minagawa laughed madly as he watched his would be brother-in-law descend into the pit, screaming.

Rini’s body finally weakened in disbelief…  Her lover, her prince, her everything…  He was doing this.

Minagawa looked up at Rini and smiled as he used to smile.  “What‘s wrong, my love?  We can be together now with no interruptions.  It‘ll be just you and I…  Forever…”

Jazz Bailey
14 July 2009 @ 11:33 pm
I hadn’t realized until just now HOW lacking in the female character department I was.  I ended up having to actually pull some…  weird stuff…  under that department.  X_______X  Had MORE than enough males to choose from, however.  Guess it’s confirmed that I find guy characters much more awesome than lady characters!  XD

I'm going to list a total of 20 characters (10 male, 10 female). Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to pick two of the characters (can be from same fandom or not) and give me a line of dialogue/song/quote. I will attempt to write something for those two characters interacting.

1. Zarbon (Dragonball Z)
2. Angila (Dragonball Z)
3. Squalo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
4. Xanxus (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
5. Bel (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
6. Narsko (Original Character)
7. Sage (Original Character)
8. Taisa (Original Character)
9. Matt (Death Note)
10. Mello (Death Note)

11. Colonel Violet (Dragonball)
12. Zangya (Dragonball Z)
13. Minako Aino (Sailor Moon)
14. Urd (Ah! My Goddess)
15. Gold (Original Character)
16. Missy (Original Character)
17. Milly (Original Character)
18. Misa (Death Note)
19. Female!Squalo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
20. Uh…..  Female!Mello???  (Death Note)