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Jazz Bailey
11 July 2009 @ 04:30 pm
Guess it’s safe to say that Rini’s in college right now???  I dunno!  XD  I enjoyed writing this, though!  XD

Characters: MinagawaXRini (CF’s OC) with Cameos made by Taro and Tokumi
Fandom: Café Kichijouji De
Prompt: http://ilabarattolo.deviantart.com/art/Vision-To-Life-129009008
Rating: G


It was beautiful.  It was all so beautiful.  How Minagawa managed to create such a view with only a spell, Rini felt she would never know.  The light was multicolored.  Butterflies were everywhere, flapping their wings and showing off their textured beauty.  Minagawa stood by the side, watching as his beauty admired the sight.  It really made him happy to see the joy and admiration on her face.  He would do anything to see that look on her face.  He would go to any lengths, both, necessary and unnecessary.

He crushed some sort of ‘dust’ into a bowl and waved his hand around the top of it, as he chanted some strange little melody.  Rose petals emerged from the ceiling, falling everywhere, a soft, gentle breeze guiding them around the girl.

Minagawa put down the bowl and smiled.  It was time.  He stuffed his hands into his pockets, feeling to make sure the little box was still there in either of them.  He walked toward the girl and took her hands.  

Rini looked up at him wide-eyed, unsure and excited about what may take place next, what wonder her love might work.


However, Minagawa was interrupted by a door slamming open.  Taro looked up at the scene, eyes as wide as saucers, ‘at least.’  Minagawa narrowed his eyes at him, sensing that a proposal would not be taking a place this very moment, and quite disappointed at that.

“Minagawa!  What is all of this?”  Taro asked as a purple butterfly passed by his face, it’s glitter shining off of it.  “The Café is going to open in ten minutes!  And look at this!  The room is overflowing with…  this!”

The door opened behind Taro.  “Morning!” a chipper Tokumi said aloud, before being bombarded with butterflies trying to make their exit.  Tokumi let out a squeal like no other.

Taro shook his head.  “Minagawa, come on!  Let‘s get this cleaned up!” his glance turned to Rini.  ‘So ‘this’ is where she’s been all morning,’  Taro let out a sigh.  He just couldn’t understand what Rini saw in Minagawa.  “Come on, Rini!  You‘re classes are going to be starting soon!  You should prepare for class!”  

Rini smiled at him nervously, “Yes, older brother!”  Minagawa had a sort of ‘disappointed’ look for a moment.  Unnoticing this, for she was in a bit of a hurry, she kissed him on the cheek and smiled up at him.  “Thank you for the beautiful morning!”  She gave him a tight hug.  “The most wonderful part of it,” she began.  “Was spending it with you.”  Minagawa smiled, blushing a bit.  Neither noticed the raised eyebrow Taro gave them.

“I love you, Hifumi!” she waved at him on the way out, Minagawa returning the gesture with a blushed-cheek smile and a modest wave.  Then he looked at Taro, who looked like he was about to blow a fuse.  With a chuckle, he proceeded to clean up.

Oh well.

Perhaps summoning spirits to enchant the girl one is proposing to in the place they first met wasn’t always a good idea when the place they first met was the kitchen of the Café he was still working at.
Jazz Bailey
11 July 2009 @ 08:11 pm
I actually like this one…  XD

Characters: MinagawaXRini (CF‘s OC)
Prompt: http://messa.deviantart.com/art/Follow-73708727
Fandom: Café Kichijouji De
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Dark, death, mortal injuries


It was cold.  Bits of snow fell from the sky and unto the ground and unto Rini’s head with no trouble at all.  She pulled her jacket tighter, keeping all of the warm air in.  She remained quiet, not wanting to make a single peep, for she didn’t want to distract Minagawa, whatever he was doing.  She had grown increasingly concerned about him.

It started after the night he disappeared into the forest and didn’t return for three days.  He was so…  emotionless…  quiet…  dead…  He had been acting…  well…  that is what it seemed like is that he had just been ‘acting’ himself upon his return.  His character had no life like it did.  He was there, but…  he wasn’t.

Minagawa wouldn’t talk to anyone about what had happened.  Not even Rini, and that had really been scaring her as he tells her everything.

Finally, she had found him walking toward the forest.  It was in the snow that she was following him, trying to keep quiet.  She didn’t know how long she had been following him.  She wouldn’t turn back, however.  She wanted answers, desperately needed answers.  She had to know what was wrong with her Hifumi.

She watched as he stood on, what looked like, a ledge.  He stood there for several minutes, looking down at something.  Rini stood, anticipating what it was, anticipating his next move as she stood by a tree just far enough to see what he was doing, but far enough to keep out of sight….  Or so she thought.

He turned around, acknowledging her existence with a smile…  But it was a strange smile…  a different smile…  One Rini had never seen before.  She just couldn’t imagine what it meant.  Rini watched as a something -a tear, it seemed- rolled down the side of his cheek.

Before anything could be said or done, Minagawa turned his head back to the area of ground below that he had been staring at and stepped off the ledge.

Rini reacted with a strong gasp, sucking in the cold air, her right hand unsure whether to grab her mouth or her chest.  Her eyes were widened, her body now shaking from fear and shock, rather than the mere cold.  She waited for a sound, a ‘thud’ of sorts.  She waited for about a minute, but never heard anything.

She began panting, struggling for air.  Her trembling worsened, but her curiosity got the best of her.  Slowly, ever so slowly she walked up to the end of the ledge, grasping onto a tree to keep from slipping off herself.  How he had managed to stand without slipping was beyond her.  

Taking a good grasp of the branch she was next to, she leaned over, looking down where Minagawa should have fallen.  There, below, was a frozen Minagawa, blood around him as if something had already tried to devour him.  Rini looked horrified at the scene, blood running cold, heart trying to stop, or so she thought.  Slowly, slowly she shook her head, stepped back and away from the edge so that she couldn’t see him.  She fell back, choking back sobs before she finally screamed out in anguish.

An autopsy reported later on that the man had been dead for about a week.  The theory was that he had slipped off the ledge and had broken his legs, only to be devoured by a local pack of wolves.

Another autopsy theorized that she jumped down towards him, which was what had broken her neck.


Was debating on whether or not to have Rini commit a dramatic suicide….  But then I got to thinking, that if it was a ‘surprise’…  I dunno.  *Shrug*  Could have been worded better, I guess.  XP
Jazz Bailey
11 July 2009 @ 11:43 pm
WHOOT!!!!  Drabble number 13!!!!!  XDDDDD

Gah…  Just realized I really didn’t touch on the prompt that well…  :/

Well…  Guess we could say it’s Minagawa-kun at or near the end.  XP  Sorry! ^^;

Characters: MinagawaXRini (CF‘s OC)- Main; mentions of others
Prompt: http://messa.deviantart.com/art/H-ELP-M-E-32377937
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Death, blood, spirity-thingies, etc.
Fandom: Café Kichijouji De


Minagawa opened his eyes slightly, seeing the ceiling and the edge of the dresser.  The next thing he noticed was horrible his head was hurting.  With a soft groan, he slowly sat up, a hand at the back of his head rubbing it as he attempted to recollect exactly what had happened.

He had been working on conducting a spell of some sort, when something pushed him back and made him hit his head against the dresser.  Rini was…  Rini was helping him conduct the spell…  Eyes widened, he rushed up the best he could without getting dizzy.  He grabbed onto the dresser while up and looked at his surroundings.  Everything was a mess, everything torn and destroyed.  But Rini was no where to be found.

Just as soon as he knew he could walk, he made his way toward the door.  “Rini?” he said, just loud enough for her to hear, if she was in the area.  “Rini?”


Minagawa turned around.  To his relief, he saw Rini standing there.  “Rini…”  He walked toward her, face becoming serious.  “Are you okay?”

Rini nodded her head.

She was okay.  But still, Minagawa kept an eye on her.  He was unsure of exactly what had gone wrong and was unsure of what effects would be taken.  She seemed okay.  She seemed a little out of it at times, however.  She’d started liking the blood away from her cuts and would sometimes cut herself on purpose, just to like away the blood…  But then again, Minagawa would do that to sometimes.  Just a habit she must have picked up from him, he supposed.

A few weeks went by.  Maki went on vacation.  Then Taro went on vacation.  It was just him, Jun, and Tokumi for a while.  For a very long while, that is.  Longer than a Café staff member should have been, anyway.  Then, it was only a matter of time before Tokumi went on vacation.

After a conversation with Jun, the two had concluded that this ‘vacation’ was code for ‘getting fired’…  Which was very strange in the case of Taro, the Café’s hardest worker.

One night, Rini and Minagawa took a stroll in the woods.  There was silence, but not the type that he was used to.  Not the type that would normally accompany them on a walk.  For once, it was actually starting to bother Minagawa.

“You‘re brother,” he began, in an effort to make conversation.  “Has he gotten back from vacation yet?”

Rini shook her head.  “Don‘t worry about him,” she said, somewhat, coldly.

Minagawa nodded, sensing…  something…  he wasn’t entirely sure what.

The two continued walking for a few more minutes.  “They‘ve really been working you hard in the café, haven‘t they, Sweety?” Rini finally said.

Minagawa looked down at Rini, subtly suspiciously.  “Sort of.  It‘s only the manager, Jun, and myself right now.  We‘re hiring, however, and some interviews will be in session.”

“Oh…” she said.

And that was all she said that night.

As the days passed on, Minagawa saw Rini a little less, much to his disappointment.  He saw Jun one more time, before he went on the trip he was promised to go on.

A few weeks later, it was just him.  Rini had managed to get a job at the café, so he at least had her…  Physically, that is.  She just didn’t seem to actually ‘be’ there like she was.

The manager had asked to see her one afternoon.  Oddly enough, Minagawa didn’t see her for the rest of the day.  Finally, when the new employees had gone home, he knocked on the office door.  One time…  Two times…  Then, finally, a third time, and the door opened to reveal a dark room.  Had the manager fallen asleep?

“Rini?” he asked softly, so as not to wake the manager.  He stepped into the room, the door slamming behind him.  He didn’t move.  The lights came on, revealing a dead Mr. Manager, sprawled across the desk.  Minagawa’s eyes widened.  He saw a trail of blood and visually followed it to-

“Rini…” the girl was standing behind the door, blood all over her, big, wide grin on her face.

“Rini, why?” he asked, alarmed.  “What happened did you do to the manager?”

“You‘re such a hard worker,” she said with a chuckle.  “You should take a break, my darling Hifumi…  You should take a vacation...”