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Jazz Bailey
08 July 2009 @ 12:48 am
Same ‘ol, same ‘ol.  Only this time, there’s a one-sided MakiXRini thing going on!  XD  Seems mine's a little short too...  >.>;;;  Sorry!  ^^;
Prompt: http://scattereddreams.deviantart.com/art/Razorblade-Heart-12533993


He couldn’t understand it.  Maki ‘just’ couldn’t understand why this beautiful girl wanted to be with that creep, Minagawa, rather than him.  ‘He’ was the pretty one.  ‘He’ was the charming one.  Heck, ‘he’ was the ‘normal’ one!  Yet, it was Minagawa she was after.

Darn it!  But alas, nothing was official between them.  This gave Maki the hope that he may still have a chance.  He may ‘still’ have a chance.  Every time she would come into the café, he would go out of his way to impress her, though, with Tokumi around, it didn’t go well half of the time.  But then again, Minagawa would just step out of the kitchen, and Rini’s face would brighten up.  He couldn’t understand it, but he would keep trying, keep hoping.

Maki was in the kitchen one day near closing time.  Minagawa to.  Maki said nothing to Minagawa in fear that he might say something he’d regret.  He was trying to keep quiet, he really was…  It was Minagawa that spoke up, “Have you ever loved anyone so much that you would write them poetry with your own blood?”

Maki’s eyes widened, gaze turned on Minagawa.  He just couldn’t respond to that.
Jazz Bailey
08 July 2009 @ 03:10 pm
Okay…  So I TRIED to write CF something serious here…  But it just wasn’t happening…  I couldn’t do it…  I kept laughing at all of these random/stupid things that would pop into my head…  XDDD  So, uh…  here it is!!!  XD  I’m sorry CF!!!  Also sorry this took forever!!!  XD  I hope you still like it, though!!!  ^^;;;

Characters: Same as the last few, only with Maki in the mix
Prompt: http://janne-landet.deviantart.com/art/Grudge-52107004


Rini sat against the wall of the old, broken house.  Broken…  That’s how she was feeling.  She was feeling very broken…  But not as broken as Maki’s arm seemed to be after having jumped over the remnants of the wall.  Minagawa sat beside her, shaking his head at Maki, giving off a weak chuckle every now and then as he watched Rini fix up the blonde’s arm.  The ignorant fool should have known better.

“Shut up!” Maki growled at Minagawa.

Rini looked up at Maki with widened eyes.  Maki chuckled nervously.

“I‘ll be right back,” Minagawa said, giving Rini a small hug before getting up and going over to the other side of the wall.


Maki looked at Rini, who had dismissed that glare and went on to finish wrapping his arm.  “So, you‘re ‘really‘ interesting in him, aren‘t you?”

Rini blushed slightly as she nodded.  

Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, Minagawa looked down at his voodoo doll, the doll’s arm bent in an inhumanly position that looked eerily like Maki’s arm.  Minagawa smiled.  He wasn’t possessive.  Really…  He wasn’t…
Jazz Bailey
08 July 2009 @ 11:10 pm
The actual title may or may not be a word, but I don't care!  XD

OMAGOLLY, I really, really love this one!!!!  XD  I just hope CF’s character is… well…  ‘in character’…  XD

Characters: MinagawaXRini
Prompt: http://monislawa.deviantart.com/art/Forget-Forgotten-128777903


She sat against the bound heater, coffee cup in hand as she stared into the space in front of her, coincidentally, staring at the nightstand.  She had found out something this morning…  Something very big…  She wasn’t really sure what to make of it.  Well…  Actually, there was something she made of it, but she was afraid of how her husband would react.  She was afraid he’d be disappointed in the news.  Or maybe he would see it as a good thing.  It was something he hadn’t mentioned much…

Her gazed focused onto the door as her husband came in.  He looked down at her; his glance seemed to be saying, ‘Why are you here?’  It changed into a sweet smile as he came walking to her side.  “I‘d been looking for you,” he said.

Rini looked down at her coffee, her finger tracing the top of the cup.  Minagawa looked at her with a tilted head and a concerned look.  “What‘s the matter, Rini?” he asked as he knelt beside her.

Rini hesitated.  “There‘s something I need to tell you, Minagawa.”

“Yes?”  he sat beside her and put an arm around her shoulders, pulling her close.  “Is everything alright?  If somebody hurt, then.  I‘ll make them pay.”  With that last sentence said, an evil gleam grazed on the surface of his eye.

“No,” she shook her head.  She set the coffee down next to her and took his hand, pausing once more.

Minagawa chuckled, catching Rini by surprise.  She looked at him in wonder.  Smile still on his face, he took out… something… from his pocket.  A familiar something.  Rini’s eyes widened as she realized what it was.

“We‘re expecting a little one,” he said, his smile growing sweetly.  “Is that what you wanted to say?”

Rini grinned.  “Yes…  Are you happy?”

Minagawa embraced her with a hug.  “I couldn‘t be happier,” he said.