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Jazz Bailey
07 July 2009 @ 06:10 pm
Got bored, so I did a drabble swap with meh buddy!!!  XD  Rini is her character and this is my half of the trade.

Characters: MinagawaXRini (Circus Freak‘s OC)
Prompt: Snowflake
Rating: G


Taro stood by the door, watching Minagawa through the window as he walked up to Rini in the cold snow.  Minagawa had asked his sister to meet with him outside today.  Taro knew what for, a deep sigh resulting from the thought…  the thought of not being able to stop it.  His sister state of being was in jeopardy and there was no way he could stop it.  No way at all.  It was all up to her and he hoped with every breath in his body that she could stop the crisis from starting…

Minagawa stopped for a minute, smiling as he watched Rini catching snowflakes with her tongue until she noticed Minagawa standing there.  He watched as she came walking his way, smile on her face.  “The snow is so wonderful today!”  She said to him.  “I don‘t remember one so beautiful.”

“More beautiful than the night I had asked you out?” Minagawa had asked, expression going unchanged.  “The stars were shining, remember?  Giving birth to many, many snowflakes that would rest by our feet.”

Rini looked up at the evening sky, stars starting to come out, full moon beginning to rise.  The horizon was just as magnificent.  She looked back at Minagawa, assuming he hadn’t moved his gaze off of her the whole time.  “More beautiful,” she said.

Minagawa smirked, then turned his head to a tree.  “Sukekiyo.”  

Rini tilted her head at the tree, watching as the black cat came towards them with something in it’s mouth.  As it came to her feet, Sukekiyo placed down what looked like a stick doll of sorts.

Minagawa knelt down to pick it up and then stood up and showed the structure to Rini.  It looked to be of some sort of voodoo doll… And there was something sticking out of it’s chest.  A black diamond?  

“To you, Rini, I offer my heart and soul,” Minagawa took it out, revealing that it was a ring.  “I would like for you to be my life and after life partner, Rini.”

Taro watched as his sister excitedly hugged the man, ever so enthusiastically.  He sighed.  He couldn’t decide which made him feel worse: the fact that his sister was getting married or the fact that Minagawa would become his brother-in-law.

“Hey…” Tokumi said from the other room.  “I thought you couldn‘t see the stars when it snowed.”

Taro decided the latter.


A/N: VOOOIIII!!!  Gah…  I always tend to write a sappy Minagawa…  X____________X  But he at least came out a ‘little’ stranger this time!!!  XD  And…

The thing with the stars and the snow…  I didn’t think about that until the end, so…  uh…  voiiii…  There came the funny bit…  ^^;;;

But anyway, CircusFreak, I really hope you enjoyed this!!!  I’m hoping that Rini was very much in character…  The others as well, for that matter…  x_x  Nobody loves Café Kichijouji De…  Vooiiii……

RANDOM THOUGHT: Johnny Depp would make the greatest Minagawa EEEEVVVVEEEERRRR!!!!!  X3
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Jazz Bailey
07 July 2009 @ 08:28 pm
I couldn’t remember if Rini could cook…  ;______;  Well…  AU, I guess!  XD  I hope everything’s okay…  >.>  Rini is (c.) Circus Freak; Managawa (c.) the people who made Café Kichijouji de.  I hope you like it, Circus Freak!!!  XD

Characters: MinagawaXRini
Prompt: Sweets


Taking cooking lessons with this ‘Minagawa’ character was something that Rini had been looking forward to.  She had been to the café he worked at and had eaten a slice of one of his cakes; the most delicious she had ever eaten!

Now, there she was in an apron in the same kitchen with Minagawa.  She had been feeling somewhat nervous about cooking under him, worried that her cooking may not be good enough, but keeping herself encouraged by reminding herself, ‘It’s a lesson.  I don’t have to cook perfectly.’  

It seemed as though Minagawa could sense what she was feeling.  He would give her comforting smiles, make comforting gestures, say comforting things…  He was very sweet about everything.

“Now,” he began.  “Take this breadstick.”  Rini did as told, taking it from him.  Then, Minagawa took the hand the breadstick he had given to Rini was in, resulting in a slight brush from Rini.  “And with a firm grip, you dip it down into the chocolate like this,” he said as he guided her hand into the pot of liquid chocolate, making sure to keep the appropriate distance away from the possibility of a burn.  “And this is how you pull it out,” he said, again, guiding her hand and placing the pocky stick onto the wax paper.

His hands…  they felt very nice…  very soft, or so Rini noted.

“While those are getting ready for consumption, we‘ll try out those stars you made,” Minagawa said.

Rini looked to the floor.  Half of the stars she had made were burnt and the other half…  well, they didn’t exactly look like stars at all.  

Minagawa picked up one of the stars and took a bite out of it.  As he was chewing, he looked over at Rini.  Sensing the insecurity, he chuckled, something he saw that got her attention.

“I know they don‘t look like stars…” she said aloud.

Minagawa smirked.  “But, they‘re very special,” he said to her.

Rini looked up at him confused.  Minagawa continued, “These are stars from the heart of a very special girl.”

Rini glanced down to the floor, blushing as Minagawa smiled at her.
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Jazz Bailey
07 July 2009 @ 11:14 pm
Whoot!  Another Drabble Swap!!!  XDDD  This time, it was a picture prompt, an idea proposed by CF!!!  

Characters: MinagawaXRini (Café Kichijouji De and CF‘s character)
Prompt: http://bezzalair.deviantart.com/art/The-Queen-s-Dream-115723225


“This place is kind of scary, Minagawa,” the girl stated, her lover close by, her arms wrapped around his left arm as he guided her through the town.  It was the least he could do.  He had gotten them into this mess as one of his spells had gone wrong and had brought the two into this warped world.  

He wasn’t scared.  But he was unsure of what exactly to expect from a place like this.  He had been making sure that Rini was close by and safe, that nothing would get her.  He would be incapable of forgiving himself if he let something happen to her.

“I‘m sorry,” he retorted several minutes after Rini had spoken.  “I know you‘re not used to things like this just yet.”

Rini looked up at Minagawa with a look of concern.  She hadn’t recall seeing him with such a solemn expression before.  Growing worried for him (and herself, to a lesser extent) she held him close.  Minagawa stopped walking, as did Rini.  He looked down at the girl, waiting for her to do something…

“I know we‘ll get out of this, Minagawa…”  Rini said.  “As long as you‘re by my side, I can get through this to.  I believe in you.”  Minagawa had always guided through her insecurities.  He was always there for her.  Rini wanted to do the same, be there for him as he had for her.  It meant the world to her.

Minagawa looked indifferent for a moment.  Then, he gently took his arm away from her and embraced her with a gentle hug, holding her close.  There was silence from both parties for a moment, only the chilled wind blowing through the alley of blue and green doors and faces.  Minagawa finally spoke up.  “Thank you,” he said.

Minagawa didn’t really need much to bring him back up, but it meant the world to him to know that she would still be there when he failed.


YAY!!!  Serious kinda angsty Minagawa!!!  XDDD   This was REALLY fun to write!!!!  I enjoyed it!!!  X3
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