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Jazz Bailey
04 July 2009 @ 03:28 am
Title: Agony
Rating: PG
Characters: Sage, Butterscotch, Taisa, Narsko, Little girl
Pairings: SageXButterscotch; NarskoXTaisa (One-sided, of course)
Warnings: Some fluff, Sage in agony, slight Narsko in agony, semi-psychotic!Taisa, one-sided shounen-ai implication
Summary: Agony strikes Sage.  How well can he handle the pain?

Intro to characters:
Sage- A blue-green (with the green being the most modest) skinned alien genius-scientist guy with short orange-blonde hair, slender light blue eyes, and glasses.  Can’t see crap without his glasses.  Freakishly shy, but also freakishly intelligent.

Taisa- A homophobic assassin who’s sanity is sometimes questionable.  Is human, has tan skin, shaggy red hair, slender blue (or green…  *shrug*) eyes, and chin fuzz (a goatee?). A ‘friend’ to Sage and a closer friend to Narsko.  Something like an ‘uncle’ to Sage’s daughter, just seeing as how Sage is one of his “buddies”.

Narsko- A mostly gay (but not stereotypically gay) alien/demon breed who is a close friend to the homophobic assassin (for the lulz and the sake of derangement!  X3).  Also a friend to Sage.  Skin is lightly blue, hair is white and long -pretty and silky, but very prone to tangles-, eyes are lavender and droopy. More of an ‘uncle’ *coughauntcough* than Taisa is to the little girl; same reason as Taisa.

Butterscotch- Sage’s wifey and his daughter’s mother!  The two have quite a history together.  X3  She belongs to one of my friends.  She’s a Caucasian (or Asian?) woman with reddish hair and goldish eyes (if I remember correctly).  Loves Sage dearly, but probably doesn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with his friends (Just a guess.  Could be wrong.  XP).

The little girl- Sage and Butterscotch’s daughter created by myself and the friend that created Butterscotch.  If I remember correctly, she looks like her mother, but has her daddy’s eyes.  She’s very sickly (thanks to Butterscotch‘s heart problem, in addition to the nerve problem her father has, which proves to be of no help at all).  I imagine her to be a real daddy’s girl, but that’s unconfirmed.  I also have no idea what her name is to be.  O.o


Sage yelped in agony, the pain intense.  His eyes were tightly closed.  He clasped his hands tightly onto his injury, wanting the pain to stop so badly.  It nearly brought him to tears, but he was a strong man.  He was determined to handle it.  He cursed under his breath, bent over from the pain, his arm trembling.  He let out whimpers, much to his inconvenience, as Taisa and Narsko watched him suffer.

He opened his eyes, ever so slightly as he scowled coldly at Taisa who was in front of him laughing madly, sadistically.  Narsko was of no help.  He was standing against the wall facing, both, Taisa and Sage holding back the giggles and snorts.  So…  the two had teamed up against him…  Sage had never seen this coming.  Traitors!  Sadists!  How could he, the most intelligent being in the galaxy-quite literally, perhaps-, have fallen into such a trap.

“Sage?” came the voice of a female.  Sage’s eyes widened.  That was his love, Butterscotch, calling out to him.  Coming for him.  No!  Sage could never let Butterscotch see him in such a weakened condition.  It would be most dishonorable!  “Leave now!” he yelled allowed.  “Butterscotch, don‘t come in here!”  But alas, it was too late.  She had walked into the room, their young daughter right behind her.  Butterscotch’s eyes widened with shock at the sight, the three year old watching innocently, with no understanding of what was happening to Daddy.

Taisa glared over at the girls and grinned at Butterscotch maniacally.  “So you‘ve come to watch the downfall of your husband.”  Then he glared down at the little girl.  “And you‘ve brought your pretty little daughter to.  It‘s nice to see the family together one last time.”

Narsko chuckled at the scene.  His ‘dear’ Taisa was on a roll tonight.

Sage hung his head at an angle facing away from his girls.  He shut his eyes tight in shame as his blue skinned cheeks turned a slight shade of purple.  “Butterscotch…  I‘m… sorry…”

“Sage…”  Butterscotch looked at Sage with an expression of concern.  Quickly, she observed the surroundings, realizing exactly what was going on.  “Honey… did you hit your funny bone on the dresser again?”

With his eyebrows twitching, Sage opened up his eyes and looked down at the carpet in shame…  humiliation… defeat…  Life, as he knew it, was over.

“It was very fun to watch, actually,” Narsko said allowed.  “Taisa talked Sage into letting him test one of his punches, right?  Because we all know how smart he is, but we don‘t know strong he is!  So, my darling prince, Taisa, is standing where he is now, when Sage comes at him with an iron fist…  But no iron elbow!  It slammed into the dresser,” Narsko punched his own hand in an attempt to add something of a  ‘soundtrack’ to the story he was telling so charismatically.  “He made the funniest face!” the pointy-eared alien laughed aloud at the thought.  “And then…” he paused, catching his breath.  “And then Taisa makes this really cute, confused face…  and… and… then he-”  Narsko was interrupted by the death glare on Taisa’s face.  Narsko looked at him with a look of bewilderment.  He took a moment to go back over what he had just said.  Surely, there wasn’t anything that… oh…  Narsko chuckled nervously, expression matching.  He glanced at the girls, anxiously smiling.  “Well, you can safely assume the rest from there!”  He started taking steps toward the door, ignoring the twitchy Taisa that was staring agitatedly at him.  “I have things to do now!  I wish you all well!”  Narsko said, waving as he left out the door, long, white hair trailing behind.  He didn’t bother to pay any mind to Taisa, who had an angry eyebrow raised at him ever since the word ‘prince’ came out of the blue man’s mouth.

“Hey, Moron!” Taisa shouted at the man as he stormed toward the exit the man had left.  “We’ve talked about this already!  You‘re not supposed to be attracted to me like that!!!”  

Butterscotch watched Taisa as he slammed the door behind him.  She rolled her eyes at the two.  Such a strange and deranged friendship they had.  But then, they were both strange and deranged in their own way.  Butterscotch shrugged it off.  She turned her attention to her ‘prince.’  He was standing straight up, rubbing the elbow that had been ‘mortally wounded,’ though, he was still looking down with a slight blush on his face.

Butterscotch smiled sympathetically as she walked up to her husband, taking his hand as she did so.  Sage moved only his eyes toward the girl, blushing a little more.  

“Momma kiss it better?” the little girl asked.  Sage blushed even deeper, his eyes rolling the other way.  Butterscotch smiled sweetly.  She took Sage’s arm and raised it, kissing the elbow as soft and modestly as a mother would kiss her child’s scrapped hand.  

Sage’s expression didn’t change, however.  Butterscotch tilted her head at him, just before reaching up and giving Sage the same-type kiss on his cheek, causing him to blush deeper.  “I…  guess I‘m not much of a man, am I?”

Butterscotch looked at him with an expression of curiosity, then an expression of comfort as she took his hand and held it next to her heart.  “You ‘do’ seem to have a man‘s pride…  But, so much of that focuses on just physical strength.”

Sage looked at her hesitantly, almost as if he was afraid to… almost as if he felt he didn‘t deserve to.  “Even so-”

Butterscotch used her free hand to shush him.  Very shortly after, a high shriek could be heard from the other room, both looked toward the direction of the shriek, with widened eyes.  “That sounded like Narsko,” Sage commented, both adults wondering what Taisa could possibly have done to the man.

Butterscotch looked back at Sage, addressing the topic once more.  “You should stop comparing yourself to others.”  With that, Sage looked back at her.  She continued, “Your daughter and I love you very much the way you are.”

Sage looked down at the little girl who was looking up at him with a, somewhat, worried and curious expression.  Sage smiled a little, then looked back up at Butterscotch.  “I‘m probably going to move that dresser tomorrow.”

Butterscotch nodded.  Sage’s smile grew a little wider, still blushing.  Butterscotch bent over to pick up their daughter.  She had noticed Sage turning around to walk off, but paid very little attention to the action until she heard a loud ‘thunk.’



And THIS, my dear friends, is why Sage made his battle suit!  X3

You know…  I’m almost tempted to write a continuation where Sage goes out of his way to prove that he’s “a ‘real’ man!”  XD

Don’t know if I’d really get around to writing it, though…  But it’s definitely something I’d love to read!!!  XDDD  Too bad, though, this is an original character fandom…  :/
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