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25 May 2009 @ 11:06 pm

The Nap Lover- Trista
The Singer- Zashi
The Creative One- Narsko
The Dramatic One- Cecily
The Intense One- Missy
The Awkward One- Zashi
The Chill One- Trista
The Mushroom Lover- Taisa
The Sheltered One- Sage
The “Misunderstood”- Reina
The Smart One- Sage
The Evil Mastermind- Kajime “Greg”
The Fatty- Shimaroo
The Gangster- Dolus
The Saviour- Seraphi
The Hot One- Adoni
The Technologically Illiterate- Ajax
The Smitten One- Cecily
The One that Won’t Take Your Crap- Milly
The Confused One- Shimaroo
The Party Animal- Adoni
The Referee- Parsley
The Whip Wielder- Reina
The Loud One- Missy
The “Good Driver”- Taisa
The Not So Innocent One- Narsko
The Quiet One- Jules
The Arrogant One- Diana

Here’s a little something to kind of clear up who these characters are; Hopefully, I shouldn‘t have to mention that these are OCs.  XP:

Taisa and Milly= Siblings; The Son and daughter, respectively, of Colonel Silver of Dragonball; Upon Silver’s death, the Red Ribbon Army, under the command of a new leader (The nephew of the late Commander Red; For now, we‘ll call him… Jack…  O.o;;;), took the children in for the sake of training them up to be the army’s greatest weapons.  Taisa eventually becomes an assassin and gets involved with General Blue’s daughter, Elyssa “Missy” Blue.  The two have a son, but separate before his birth.  Milly eventually gets into a relationship with Jules.

Jules= He’s really not that developed at the moment, but he will definitely be made to suit Milly’s needs.  He’s going to be kind of a cross between Gambit (of X-Men Origins; Mostly in appearance) and Indiana Jones.  He is a foreigner.  At the moment I’m thinking about making him Australian, but I’d rather give him another cool accent from a country that hardly anyone else thinks of using.

Diana= Milly rescued Diana from a couple of people who were trying to hurt her, for whatever reason.  Finding that Diana was homeless (Unsure of why at the moment), Milly allowed her to stay at her home if Diana agreed to cook and clean for her, which Diana agreed to.  Diana is something of a tomboy, for the most part, but has girly-esque traits.

Dolus and Narsko= They are the Demikoro (sp?) twin children of Angila and Urd.  Dolus is the personification of Sparta and focuses on battle strategies.  Narsko is the personification of Athens and focuses on artsy stuff and philosophy.  Dolus feels rivaled by Adoni and was angered to find that his brother, Narsko, dated him for a short period of time.  Dolus is qualified in physics and various types of math, while his brother has an interest in Chemistry, but is stumped by the math.  Narsko is a romantic at heart and always longs to be with some one who is, primarily, a male, but appreciates the qualities of a woman and will date one from time to time.  Dolus takes dating as it comes and has high standards for the woman he intends to marry.

Cecily and Adoni= Yet, another set of siblings; They are the children of Top Alien Model, Zarbon and Pop Idol, Minako Aino.  They are both spoiled and seek an industry in the entertainment business, but have agreed to take on the roles that their parents chose to take as crime fighters.  Cecily works with the Neo-Scouts under the lead of Mini-Moon, while Adoni…  Well, he’s a new character, I haven’t really thought that part out.  Like her mother was, Cecily is boy crazy.  Adoni is usually seen with a new girlfriend every month.  He was secretly seeing Narsko for a short period of time, but eventually broke off the relationship for fear of losing what little fame he had, along with his female fans.  Narsko commented, “It was nice at first, but his vanity was becoming maddening.”  Despite scoping out cute guys, childhood friend, Sage, was the one who truly had Cecily’s heart.  It was ill-fated, however.  Sage had always been so cold toward her, so she finally decided to give up on him.  Upon seeing him with Butterscotch (Circus Freak‘s Character), however, she was hurt and jealous, but decided against any action against their relationship as she saw that Sage was finally happy.

Parsley and Trista= Parsley is an alien priest who plays a fatherly role for eight-year old Trista, who has visions and sees demons.  The two have a deep bond.

Kajime “Greg” and Seraphi= The head leaders of the Intergalactic Armada.  Seraphi is a mysterious being with the sole purpose of completing her mission, while Kajime “Greg” is her assistant and takes over in her absence.

Missy= The daughter of General Blue.  She’s a mainstream girl who uses her appearance to get what she wants.  She is very controlling and money-hungry.  She was pressured into being the fiancee of “Jack” so that she could inherit the army, her father ruling over it upon “Jack’s” “overdose,” while she got half of the profit from the army.  This didn’t work out, however, as “Jack” had a son by another woman and the army was entrusted to him.  This left Missy with nothing, so she became a thief.  She was eventually recruited into the armada for her powers.  Missy wants nothing more than to be a normal, perfect woman.  However, she finds that being like everybody else means losing a part of oneself.  In the end, she doesn’t really change that much, but feels more freely in expressing who she is.  She was in a relationship with Taisa, which resulted in a son, but the two separated before she was ever given a chance to tell him about the pregnancy.

Reina= A feminist medicine woman.  The daughter of Rei and Jeice (or Bujin; Haven‘t decided).

Shimaroo= A ninja with earthly powers.

Ajax= A chauvinist samurai with the power of wind.  Resides in a village neighboring Shimaroo.

Sage and Zashi= The children of Sauza and Zangya.  They have a twelve year difference.  Sage was originally supposed to be killed in order to prevent him from being the key part in a dangerous organization with goals rendering mass destruction.  However, after having lost her first child in a miscarriage, Zangya ultimately refused to have her unborn child killed.  Consequently, he was given a curse instead (Something along the lines of this): In knowledge and intelligence, he will grow vastly, but he will be virtually incapable of comprehending the barest of basic socialization skills and will have a morbid fear of people; Only when he is capable of feeling real love and is willing to forfeit growing so vastly in knowledge, will he slowly comprehend socialization, but he will never understand the full extent of it.  For this reason, Zangya sees that Sage gets as much attention as possible growing up.  Sage puts his studies first and refuses to admit when he is wrong.  Because of his curse, he is blind to how he treats his loved ones socially, and has the tendency to put them through a lot of pain.  Thanks to Sauza, Sage knows basic self-defense and sword-skills.  Zashi is shy, but more capable of communicating with others.  She comes across as quiet, but has the tendency to be quite talkative when she feels comfortable enough around someone.  She enjoys fighting and actually has a side of her that is sick and sadistic in nature, but keeps such to herself.  She’s hard to anger, but angry, she becomes violent.  For the most part, however, she is usually a caring person and thinks the world of her family.  She is sort of punkish in appearance.

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☆ Rinia_lovesuicide on May 26th, 2009 06:21 pm (UTC)
You never told me that Sage was cursed! D:
Jazz Baileyjazzbailey on May 26th, 2009 08:44 pm (UTC)
It's a new concept I've devised. XD

The curse, itself, needs more work, however. It's not "quite" how I wanted it. :/
☆ Rinia_lovesuicide on May 28th, 2009 03:42 pm (UTC)
Aww....well....maybe you'll get it how you want it eventually?

Butterscotch: Well, at least Sage now has a reason to be the jerk he is sometimes... -grumbles-

Jazz Baileyjazzbailey on June 16th, 2009 10:51 pm (UTC)
Hope so! XD

Sage: *Blushes heavily and looks down; Makes circles with his foot* Something will work out, Butterscotch... *Shyly hands over a white chrysanthemum and blushes even deeper, eyes focused on ground.*